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100kw Natural Gas Generator

natural gas generator100kw 230V 3 phase 50hz NPT Gas Generator Description: 1.10-1000kw(12.5kva-1250KVA) gas generator (Natural gas/Biogas/ LPG,biomass etc) with Deutz,Steyr,Ricardo, Weichai,Yuchai,Man brand engine etc. 2.Alternator "STAMFORD" "MARATHON" "Leroy...

    Product Details

    natural gas generator100kw 230V 3 phase 50hz

    Generating set general Model




    Exciting method

    AVR Brushless

    Rated Power (kW)


    Rated Current(A)


    Rated Voltage(V)


    Rated Frequency(Hz)


    Rated Power Factor

    0.8 LAG

    No load voltage setting range


    Steady state voltage regulation rate


    Transient state voltage regulation rate


    Voltage fluctuation rate


    Steady state frequency regulation rate


    Transient state frequency regulation rate


    Frequency stabilization time


    Line-voltage waveform sinusoidal distortion rate


    Gas Engine




    In line, 4 strokes, electric control ignition, pre-mixed stoichiometry burn

    Cylinder number


    Bore x Stroke (mm)


    Total displacement (L)


    Rated Power (kW)


    Rated Speed (r/min)


    Speed Regulation Mode


    Starting Mode


    Fuel type


    Overall dimension (L x W x H)(mm)


    Net weight (kg)


    NPT Gas Generator Description:

    1.10-1000kw(12.5kva-1250KVA) gas generator (Natural gas/Biogas/ LPG,biomass etc) with Deutz,Steyr,Ricardo, Weichai,Yuchai,Man brand engine etc.

    2.Alternator  "STAMFORD" "MARATHON" "Leroy Somer" Mecc Alte Brand 100% copper brushless alternator. Brushless excitation and "H" class insulation.

    3.Super silenced canopy or container type canopy for optional, about 65d(B)A (L-7M)

    4.Longer life: Special design engine has longer life and overhaul time of 30000hours

    5.Moistureproof and derusting processing, effectively protect the generator from humid weather

    6.High quality steel

    7.Green environmental protection paint

    8.Cooling system: combined cooling water tank fitted to meet the requirement

    of radiation at ambient temperature 40 C

    9.Advanced reasonable structure, high efficiency, low vibration and noise, smooth running, good reliability, easy handling. It is widely used in national defense, telecommunications, field construction, high-rise buildings, commercial buildings, industrial and mining enterprisers, oil fields,roads, ports, villages, banks, hospitals etc.

    10.ISO, CE, SONCAP approval

    11.Global warranty: 12months or 1500hours

    Standard Configuration of Gas Generator:

    1. New gas engine

    2. Radiator 40 C max,fans are driven by belt,with safety guard

    3. 24V charge alternator

    4. New Alternator(Stamford or Marathon or Mecc Alte ),single bearing, IP22-23, insulation class H,brushless

    5. Steel frame base, shock absorber

    6. Gas pressure regulator(MADAS,Italy),air and gas mixer(IMPCO,USA)

    7. Electronic speed governor and actuator

    8. Back-fire relief valve

    9. Dry type air filter, oil filter

    10.Main line circuit breaker

    11.Digital automatic control panel

    12.Emergency stop button

    13.Two 12V batteries,rack and cable

    14.Ripple flex exhaust pipe,exhaust siphon, flange, muffler

    15.Spare parts and tools, User manual etc.

    16.Controler:smartgen,woodward etc

    Optional Equipment :

    1.Oil/water heater

    2.ATS(Automatic Transfer Switch)

    3.Soundproof canopy

    4.Parallel system

    5.Grid-connect system


    7. Remote radiator

    8. Auto oil filling system

    9. Gas leaking detector

    Controller Function :

    1. Adopt Gen-set controller with LCD display, taking microprocessor as the core.

    2. Adopt ATS( automatic transfer switch) to achieve the automatic transfer from the generated electricity to grid electricity

    3. The monitor and display on the voltage, current, frequency, active/apparent power, power factor of the generated ,electricity /grid electricity etc.

    4. The monitor and display on the gen-set s water temperature, oil pressure, rotational speed, battery voltage, running hours, accumulative total power and number of starts

    5. Protection alarm and fault automatic storage on high water temperature, low oil pressure, double speeding, over current, over voltage, over frequency and phase failure etc

    Main Technical Advantages:

    1) Valve seat materials are imported special steel, valve use wear-resistant materials and the latest technology.

    2) Piston and cylinder head production using new materials, high-performance low-emission hybrid rapid combustion cylinder. Combustion control technology to protect machine film.

    3) Change the duration of the ignition control, long-life spark plugs.

    4) Integrated control diagnostics, integrated approach to control the explosion-proof technology.

    Our service quality assurance:

    1)Before-sale Service: we provide detailed product technical parameters for equipment choosing and system designing

    2)Service quality assurance: our sale staffs are all experience and professional, who can provide the most proper system design and optimized equipment for the customers.

    3)After sale maintenance service: We create files for end user and provide them follow-up service, regular return visit and permanent maintenance.

    4)Spare parts supply: We provide all kinds of spare parts and technical support.

    5)Main overhaul or maintenance service: We provide perennial major overhaul and maintenance service

    Why Us?

    1. Professional and leading gas generator set manufacturer over 20 years,one of the first batch to research and develop internal-combustion gas engine and gensets in China.

    2. One continuous 6 years' supplier on

    3. Reliable quality, all generators are test serious on 0, 25%, 50%,75%, 100%,110% load before delivery, to ensure the genset can run continuous with various conditions.

    4. Service quality assurance, we maintain enough storage of spare parts for all the equipment that we sale, to ensure the supply in time.

    5. The most fast delivery, within 5-7days on popular genset type.